About Me

I guess you got curious and wanted to know a bit more about me?

Hmmm what can I tell you...

This is what I am:
- Consultant by day (most of the time it goes into the night too)
- Sister
- A person who doesn't like it when she sees someone standing in a crowded room alone
- Puppy hugger
- Nagging girlfriend (the boy is also a regular contributor but I AM DEFINITELY THE BOSS)
- Always happy to meet new people
- Sarcastic
- Slightly nerdy (but in an awesome way)
- Regular diet failing artist
- Traveller 
- Regular gym attendee
- Ice cream lover
- K-pop listening
- Random ideas and sometimes followed with execution (depending on who I am with)
- Good at convincing myself I need that extra dish at dinner
- Short attention span
- PT punching (aka boxing training)

Want to know anymore? HA! You will just have to reveal yourself and ask me directly!